What has happened to MY TEAM??

I am an avid Ottawa Senators fan – but at the moment, I am an angry fan.

What on earth has happened to these guys?  If I’m frustrated, Coach MacLean must be fit to be tied – I have no idea how he keeps his cool standing there behind the bench. I’m surprised he hasn’t had a stroke at this point.

All that skill out there – and they are completely demolished – game after game after game.  They often start out well and then they fall apart.  It is almost embarrassing and it is certainly very disappointing.

It can’t all be attributed to Alfredsson leaving, although I believe he was a much better leader than Spezza will ever be.  It can’t be that they aren’t paid enough money.   With their salaries one would expect 150% effort every time they step onto the ice!  It can’t be the Coach  – he has a proven track record and they worked well together when he took over last year.  It can’t be due to injuries – they have had less time lost to injuries than most of the other NHL teams.

They have been incurring far too many penalties – showing a total lack of discipline when we know they can do better.  Could it be that they simply don’t care …… about their fans?…..about winning?………about the job they are being well paid to do?   It certainly looks that way.

Season ticket holders must be even more angry and disappointed than I am and the team owner – apoplectic to say the least.

I don’t have any answers – just lots of questions – questions probably shared by all Ottawa fans.  This will hurt the team financially in the long run.



2 thoughts on “What has happened to MY TEAM??

  1. Hi Susan: You go girl – let them have it!!! Wish they could read your blog….. I’m an extremely happy camper because all our Canadian lady curlers are just fantastic, thank you, and winning…..


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