The starting point of  a fun evening last night was a leisurely dinner at Baan Thai – if you haven’t been there – give it a try – it is extremely good (on Centrepointe Drive in a small plaza).  There were 7 of us for dinner.  You do need reservations – it’s a small, cozy place.  The most difficult part of dining there is making a choice from the menu.  Thank goodness there are appetizer portions of some of the options.

From there we went to the theatre to see The Bee Gees and ABBAmania, and were joined by 3 more friends, making our group 10.  The first half of the concert  (Bee Gees) had the entire audience (most of us with grey or covered-up grey hair) on its feet – some even dancing in the aisle at the front.  The group was very good.  They didn’t necessarily look like the originals – but they had the sound down pat. There was lots of opportunity to sing along and they invited us to do so no matter what it all sounded like.  The second half was a group (3 from Ontario cottage country and 1 from Texas) called ABBAmania.  They, too, sounded very much like the originals.  I guess ABBA music isn’t quite as conducive to sing-a-longs and dancing – and they did more songs from Mama Mia than anything else (missing, in my opinion, some great ABBA tunes) – but it was also great entertainment.

Our next Centrepointe outing will be to an Elvis extravaganza in June.  Now THAT will be fabulous.  Does anyone know where I can find a pair of saddleshoes, a reversible pleated skirt and a kitten cardigan (worn backwards, of course) ???



One thought on “ABBA & The BEE GEEs!

  1. Sounds like a great evening Sue. I certainly would have enjoyed the Bee Gees: Abba not so much. Sorry, no leads on the saddleshoes.

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