Public Sector is in my Sights Today!

My first rant goes to my municipal folks.  That water “service post” thing that most of us have somewhere in our lawn is, in my case, smack in the middle of my driveway.  The spring thaw usually causes it to pop up out of the ground a couple of inches and then it eventually goes back down.  This year it has heaved the asphalt so I now have a little mound around it – and cracks in the pavement.  Enter the city.

In response to my concern, they sent an email giving me explicit instructions on how I should cover the service post with a block of wood and then bash it down with a sledge hammer (one of those tools I don’t have) – or they could do it for me at a cost to me of $140.  They will, however send out a team to look at the damage to my pavement – just look, not bash – while they were here.  It figures.

My second rant goes to public sector unions who have decided to “sign a pact of mutual support” in defence of what they call a war on labour by our current premier.   I don’t usually have too many (if any) good things to say about her but I have even less positive to say about whiney public servants who make very good money, have to-die for pensions and benefits that most of us could only dream  of.

One of these days unions are going to be the death of themselves.  I only hope I am around to see it happen.



2 thoughts on “Public Sector is in my Sights Today!

  1. Hi Sue: Lost my last reply so I’ll begin again! My question to you is, why in heavens name don’t you have a sledge hammer on hand for these pesky spring nuisances – doesn’t everyone? Lol

    Have a beautiful Easter – summer will be here eventually – without the benefit, of course, of a spring full of hope of wonderful things to come.


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