Another Feline Update

Back to the vet this morning with all 3  – my friend & neighbour Doris came again to help me get them corralled and loaded up – for their injection of fluids and pain medication.  To my surprise, the bill had already been paid.  My good friend Kris (who is also one of the realtors I work for) had found my vet and pre-paid the bill.  There really are special people in this world!!  What a lovely and thoughtful surprise.  Needless to say, I had a good weep over that.

They suggested I try real flaked tuna in water to get them to eat – anything……so – tuna it was when we returned home.  Blaze and Herbie ate every bite of the small amount I offered them.  Olivia sniffed and walked away.  Very worrisome.  She is my oldest kitty – 13.

Off to the grocery store to pick up some new dry food (junk that tastes good) and some fancy feast – which they used to get as a treat until I thought better of it and switched them to a more healthy morning treat.  Halleluljah (or however you spell it)!  Olivia ate some of it. It is what she used to get at the breeders before I got her so I guess it is her comfort food.  All 3 had a small nibble of the new dry food.  Maybe we have turned the corner.  I have my fingers crossed.

My counters are covered with different types of canned and samples of dry cat food, syringes and cat bowls….and, I have thought of something brand new that they were offered about 2 weeks ago as a treat – hairball prevention treats.  That is the only thing new to their diet.  They each had 3 or 4 of the little treats.  Could that have done it?  They are now in the garbage just in case and I will talk to the Global Pet Food folks about that.  If they are at the bottom of this, they must be powerfully nasty to have 3 or 4 treats make my cats this sick.  I’m grasping at straws!!

Let’s hope tomorrow is a new day and that I have 3 cats who are anxious for their breakfast.




5 thoughts on “Another Feline Update

  1. God bless the good people in the world… you and I both know that special person in your life… she is an angel indeed. I so hope that your kittens have turned the corner and that their 9 lives working well for them…. I have a good feeling about this latest post…. fingers and toes crossed. Love, Jeannette

  2. Kris’ generosity brought a tear to my eye and that doesn’t happen often!!!! Cats really do have 9 lives (each)…..

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