The Kitty Update

The mobile vet decided she really didn’t need to come last night given the cats were starting to eat.  I could have insisted but I thought they could do with a day off from all those needles and stress.  The pain meds injection was fast but the injection of fluids takes time and isn’t very comfortable.  Being on the head-holding end of 3 cats on Sunday afternoon, I know exactly what they thought of it.  Not much!!

My own vet was back today.  I talked with her just after 8am to find out if she wanted me to bring the cats in.  She decided to leave them well enough alone for now.  I went up to have a chat about what to expect and what to feed them.

For pancreatitis in dogs and people, they have a pretty good idea of what causes it.  In cats – not so much.  It could be any number of things – or none of them.  Even when all of my kitties came down with it simultaneously, the vets still aren’t willing to blame it on food.  They say it could be stress… could be environmental… could be a virus……it could be etc. etc. etc.

I have decided to change their food and my vet agreed with this strategy… now I have to find something that they can safely eat and that I can afford.  The former will be easier than the latter.  At the moment, they are thoroughly enjoying Fancy Feast – a mere .69 per 3 oz can.  Blaze alone would need 3 cans per day to meet feeding guidelines. Right now, I just have to get them to eat – but it will be a challenge getting them back onto something more reasonable.  The vet also suggested a dry food with digestive enzymes in it – normally used for cats with diabetes. That one is $36 per bag…..small bag.  I’m to change their intake from 80% dry/20% wet to the reverse.  That should also help Blaze’s weight problem.

When I asked will this happen again?  No idea.  If it happens again next year at this time, somebody would decide it is seasonal and therefore environmental.  They just don’t know.

Blaze and Herbie are eating whatever is put in front of them – wet (as long as it is Fancy Feast) and dry food.  Olivia is still very tentative although she is eating.  She is the oldest, and the smallest – so it makes sense that she is taking longer to recover.  I have 8 days before my planned trip to New Orleans.  I have a cat-sitter moving in – but I don’t want to leave her with sick cats that need treatment.  Hopefully the worst is over and things will continue to improve from here on.

This has been a horrible and very stressful week for all of us….one I hope we never have to repeat.  Just imagine having 3 small kids who can’t yet talk all getting very sick at the same time – and you are alone.  Thank goodness for caring friends, family and neighbours!

Sue, Olivia, Herbie and Blaze


3 thoughts on “The Kitty Update

  1. Thank you for the post Sue. I, and all the friends on your list, are thinking of you and yours. Stress aside, and I have no doubt that it must be terrible, from all I have read, it sounds like things are picking up. There is time for further improvement before you are scheduled to leave on your trip. Take heart recovery is at hand, We are all out here rooting for the little ones… and for you. Lots of love Jeannette

  2. Thanks, Jeannette. They are eating – but only select things – and then occasionally throwing it all up again – but yes, progress is being made. Good thing I’m not scheduled to leave tomorrow!!

  3. Timing will be on your side. I have a good feeling that things will be much better by the time you must leave on your holiday. As we know, cats know everything, their people… not much… They already know the schedule and all will be well. Thinking of you and your family. Love Jeannette

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