And Another Update

Where did I leave off?

My head is spinning, I’m completely stressed out – brain not working at full capacity – not to mention I’m exhausted and my back hurts (in all the gafuffle, I forgot to take my meds this morning, so pain is extra bad…..silly me)!!

Blaze and Herbie are coming along fairly well.  They are both eating and usually what they eat stays down.  Olivia, on the other hand, is eating very small amounts of food – and upchucking most of it – if not all of it and then some!…..and always on the carpet -upstairs and downstairs – not the floor.  There are several large messes downstairs I just haven’t had the wherewithall to get to yet.  Maybe tomorrow.  It isn’t easy cleaning floors and carpets when you can’t get down to the right level gracefully.

Olivia went back to the vet this afternoon for more fluids, an anti-nausea injection and a B12 injection.  The problem with pancreatitis in anyone – cats, dogs or people – is that all you can do is treat the symptoms and hope for the best.  I have changed their food, even though there is no way of knowing if food is the source of the problem.  That, in itself, causes problems because cats simply don’t like change!

While I was at the vet waiting for Olivia, an entire family came in carrying a large, elderly black lab.  They were all in tears, and next thing you know, I was in tears, the vet tech was in tears and the receptionist was in tears.  This dog has been battling some form of cancer, but this looked like the end.  It was very very sad.

Our pets really do become family.  Here’s hoping all of mine get better soon!



4 thoughts on “And Another Update

  1. Dear Sue: I have experienced it all, save the physical pain that you experience every day of your life;;; Stress is a terrible thing and yes, it does indeed affect how effectively (or otherwise) one can process the stuff of life. I am relieved to hear that two out of three of your kids are doing better. I hope that Olivia makes it through this bad time. I remember going through a great deal of angst at the time of Sierra’s decline,,,, it is so very hard. When there was no update from you this morning, I wondered how things were going. I do watch for your updates. Linda left today, more company this evening. Tomorrow I will call you. Thinking of you every day. Love Jeannette

  2. Thanks, Jeannette. I will be in and out tomorrow – it’s Sue’s Mom’s 98th birthday party – I don’t even have a card yet!!! I will be home on Sunday for sure.

  3. Sue, glad to hear that Blaze and Herbie are on the mend. Hope that Olivia starts feeling better soon.

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