Mysteries about the Upcoming Election

The first thing that hit me square in the face was a comment that the premier’s visit to the lieutenant-governor’s office averted scheduled gas plant and email cover-up  committee appearances.  Why on earth would an investigation (by whatever name) be halted because parliament has been dissolved???  The alleged crime was still committed.  The people involved  (all prominent liberals), are still alive and well and available.  Sounds a darned bit far too convenient to me!!

Why, all of a sudden, does Andrea Horwath no longer trust the Liberals?  She said the growing list of scandals, including the decision to cancel two gas plants at a loss of up to $1.1 billion, were behind her decision,.  She has supported and propped up this government several times in the past and the same scandals were very public at those times.

I will make one small comment about the proposed Liberal budget.  Spending goes up $3.4 billion from the previous year.  The Finance Minister still says the budget will be balanced by 2017-2018 – but the deficit actually went up in this budget document.  What does he think we are all smoking???  The only way to make the deficit magically drop to zero is by increasing revenues – i.e. more taxes!!

Wynn has blamed the PC Party and the NDP Party for the upcoming election.  Could it just possibly be the limp budget the Liberals presented?  Could it not be the far less than stellar track record of her party?  Obviously not in her mind.  She even criticized Stephen Harper of ignoring Ontario’s fiscal and economic needs.  I don’t think he plays favourites – every province has needs – our provincial government has spent our province into the toilet.  It isn’t up to the Feds to bail us out.

Why are both the NDP and the Liberals completely in bed with the unions?  This didn’t use to be the way it played out.  Could it be that they both feel that bowing to union pressure buys votes?  Imagine thinking like that!!!

Why are the voting systems and wards set up such that the City of Toronto alone  can actually sway the result of a provincial election?

Why is McGuinty sequestered away in the USA?  I suppose that is one way of avoiding jail if the process ever gets that far in terms of investigating the alleged crimes that were committed.

Why are journalists still talking about the very real possibility that the Ontario Liberals could get re-elected.  Do folks really want Ontario to follow in the footsteps of Greece?  Hasn’t there been enough scandal?

I’m not naive enough to think that any political party out there is perfect, up-front and will be “scandal free”.  I do think that the Ontario Liberals have gone “above and beyond” in the way they have dealt with our money.  I do think the the scandals of the recent 12 years have been more serious than many in the past.  Ontario has become a have-not province under their guidance.  We have never been that before.

Do I wish that Hudak had a little more pizzazz and ability to get his message across?  Sure I do.  Am I concerned when reports say he has a little bit of Mike Harris in him?  Not a bit.  That is exactly what we need right now.  Even Mike Harris wasn’t perfect, but he was a better captain of the ship than Dalton McGuinty or Kathleen Wynn could ever be.

BRING IT ON.  Let’s hope the people of Ontario are wise enough to realize that 4 more years of the same thing will not be good for the province….and what isn’t good for the province isn’t good for the people.



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