Harper & Wynne

Well – I guess when your back is to the wall, you have an abysmal record to show for the last few terms, scandal is your middle  name, the province is nearly bankrupt, and there are 2 RCMP investigations ongoing – BLAME IT ON STEPHEN HARPER!

If you can move the public’s focus away from the real issues, why not, right?

Stephen Harper doesn’t make me feel warm and fuzzy – his origins are a bit to far to the one side for me – and his personality could do with a do-over, but he and his party have managed the country’s economy in a way that has made us the envy of the world.  Yes, there are scandals – e.g. some renegade senators piling up inappropriate expenses – but I don’t believe this constitutes a systemic problem within the party.  The same could be said, come to think of it, of Hudak!

I don’t mind the fact that MPs have pensions, perhaps they could be a little less lucrative!  I think Kathleen Wynne is just trying to distract us by raising an issue with Federal MP pensions.  As Christina Blizzard says in today’s Ottawa Sun…

“is that the worst thing she can say about him – that he has a pension?  I suspect he also doesn’t put smiley faces at the end of his emails.  Then again, I bet he doesn’t delete them either.”

That made me smile.

If the provincial Liberals are re-elected in June, I believe our province is doomed.  We will be mired in debt forever and will, before long, head the list of the “have-not” provinces.  We may not have wonderful choices – but the status quo should NOT be an option.





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