Kitty Update

Well, it has been a long haul.

After 10 days of not eating, vets, vets and more vets, things seem to be heading in the right direction.

Herbie and Blaze are eating well – though I have’t yet found a dry food that Herbie really likes.  I’m afraid to put them on either the wet or dry food they were eating before just in case food played a roll in their illness.

Olivia has to be coaxed to eat – perhaps she is just playing her usual Drama Queen role – but I know she prefers to nibble and the two male beasts gulp their food down and then go after hers.  So – we’ve been spending time in my bathroom, with the bedroom door shut and the boys on the other side of it.  This has to be done multiple times a day just to get enough food into her for survival.  She has also started to nibble at the occasional bit of dry food.  If that’s what it takes to keep her eating, I will indulge her. She was small to begin with and I’m sure she has lost a couple of her mere 9 lbs.

My vet has been terrific.  They call to see how things are going.  I provide updates in emails.

I’m hesitant to say, particularly with Olivia, that we are completely out of the woods but I sure hope so.  My bank account can’t handle much more of this – and there is still Herbie’s dental work to think about at some future date.

Keep your fingers (eyes, toes, etc) crossed for us.




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